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Tiffany St.Claire's REGENCY Collection Series List In Recommended Reading Order:

Story 1: Wait For Me
Story 2: A Whisper Of Seduction
Story 3: Reckless
Story 4: After Midnight

You can read more information about or get your copy of each story in the Tiffany REGENCY series below.

Story 1: Wait For Me - Tiffany St.Claire

"I love you. Wait for me..."

It was the last thing Ian MacInnes had said to her before he went and got himself killed. Now, days before Rhuid Penleigh is about to marry a man she doesn't love, her mind refuses to ignore the one thing her heart can never forget ...


Story 2: A Whisper Of Seduction - Tiffany St.Claire

... the scent of roses, a precocious spy, a tiny hint of scandal, and Marquess Evrington knows his fate is sealed!

When an innocent conversation in the dark creates a hint of scandal, Cian is determined to ignore the rumors and go his merry way ... until he and Eris share a fiery kiss so filled with pent-up passion he can no longer ignore the Whisper Of Seduction...

Story 3: Reckless - Tiffany St.Claire

Reckless behavior...

If only she hadn't worn the red silk around her ankle the day Viscount Remaine came to visit her father, none of the mess she soon found herself in would have happened.

The wig burning. A visit from the Marchioness. Being utterly compromised. An impossible betrothal. But she had, and it did, and now the game was on to see just how undone her straightlaced Viscount could be.

... in a battle of hearts, only the reckless remain.

Story 4: After Midnight - Tiffany St.Claire

"For Pax and Eirelyn, love begins after midnight..."

On the last night of her life (or what seems to be her last) Eirelyn is swept off to Gretna Green on the eve of her wedding by her lifetime friend and midnight confidant for one last lark before her life is changed forever.

To her delight, the scandalous marquis Paxton St. Inneson has arranged for her to see first-hand how a Gretna Green elopement might be for a pair of star-crossed lovers intent on defying the world for the sake of love.

But her last night of enjoyment comes crashing down around her when she must face an irate father in the light of day and explain her whereabouts after midnight.


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