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Tiffany St.Claire's PIRATE Collection Series List In Recommended Reading Order:

Story 1: A Pirate's Kiss
Story 2: A Pirate's Surrender
Story 3: A Pirate's Temptation
Story 4: A Pirate's Pleasure (Coming Soon!)

You can read more information about or get your copy of each story in the Tiffany PIRATE'S series below.

Story 1: A Pirate's Kiss - Tiffany St.Claire

She would forever dance the knife's edge of peril for another taste of A PIRATE'S KISS...

If stealing a few incriminating letters would keep Alexander alive, Alessandra Cole knew no one better at thievery than Captain Slade Donovan. She would protect her twin at all costs - even if it meant shooting the hangman's noose from the neck of a well-known pirate mere seconds before he fell to his death. She needed those letters to save her brother...

...but she never dreamed the dark pirate would also steal her heart.


Story 2: A Pirate's Surrender - Tiffany St.Claire

Would he ever ask her for the truth? Or would his stubborn pride forever stand between them?

Besotted, betrothed, bewitched, Cassius Tremaine Macclesfield had almost taken her right there in his father's garden. A rare moment of sanity in the madness of his desire convinced him to wait until later... but neither of them expected to wait ten long years!

Betrayed by his best friend, Cassius set off to effect a ruination of another sort - to plunder and pillage upon the high seas, all in the name of the Queen - earning a dastardly reputation for himself as the dashingly handsome pirate Captain Kells.

Bedeviled by fate in the guise of his father - the duke of Macclesfield - Kells is furious to find himself once again trapped by his betrothed's allure and is determined to make of her nothing more than a plaything ... until the innocently seductive Lady Anne Seybrooke demands the pirate's surrender instead.

Story 3: A Pirate's Temptation - Tiffany St.Claire

Embarking on a mad scheme to save herself from being trapped in an unwanted marriage, Jillian disguises herself as a man and boards Vane's ship as his new cabin boy. But to her dismay, her ruse fails miserably - on all counts.

Vane ignores her plight and vows he will return her to her father and her betrothed, leaving Jillian desperate to find a way to change his mind. Faced with a pirate's temptation, Vane is forced to decide: return Jillian to her father, ruined and scorned, or give in to his desires and play the gallant hero after all...

Story 4: A Pirate's Pleasure - Tiffany St.Claire



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